Suboxone Treatment for Substance Abuse

Suboxone® is a medication used by people with opiate addiction to help maintain sobriety.  It does not cause the mental clouding of methadone.  Suboxone also blocks the rush produced by heroine, oxycodone, and similar opiate drugs.   So in two ways, by blocking the craving and by preventing the high, Suboxone in conjunction with outpatient treatment helps people get clean and stay clean.

Dr. Rienstra is certified per the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 (DATA 2000) to prescribe and monitor treatment with Suboxone.

What You Need to Know

Sixty miles

Successful addiction treatment requires an on-going relationship between you and Dr Rienstra, so you must live within 60 miles of our Port Townsend clinic or within Jefferson or Clallam County. 

Medical Records

  • We must have records from previous clinics and doctors prior to your first visit. 
  • You must bring your photo identification.
  • You must be prepared to release copies of all previous medical records to the clinic.
  • You cannot be in withdrawal at the first visit.
  • You must agree to urine drug testing during your treatment. 
  • You must provide proof of continued active participation in a recovery program.
  • You must agree to lifestyle homework as worked out by you and Dr Rienstra.

Requirements for Treatment


Switching to Suboxone requires that you go through a few hours of withdrawal from heroin, methadone, oxycodone, or your other drug of choice. We usually do this on your second visit to the clinic, and only if you are taking no more than 60 milligrams of methadone or its equivalent.  If you are already taking Suboxone and we have reviewed your records before the visit, detoxification is not necessary.

No Drugs in Clinic

  • We do not store in the clinic, nor do we dispense, Suboxone or any other scheduled drugs.
  • We do not prescribe methadone.

Individual Care 

We tailor treatment to each individual. To reduce your costs here at the clinic, you may wish to give Dr Rienstra a written summary of your health, your past and current drug abuse history, your current social situation, and other aspects of your life which seem important to your care here.   If you send this before your first visit, we can be sure that we will be a good match for your needs.


Payment Policies

 We require payment at the time of each visit.