Rienstra Clinic is Closing

We treat you well.

Last Minute Work through June 30

Some of you in exceptional circumstances will be needing care through the end of June.  When those responsibilities end, I’ll put my liability insurance on hold and start doing what the Dutch call Niksen. At that point all diagnostic and treatment work goes on hold as well, which includes refilling prescriptions.  So, if there is any simple glitch we can take care of with a phone consultation or a medication adjustment, please email me before the end of June.

North Star Clinic

A number of you have told me you have been pleased with your care from Jim Blair, PA-C, at North Star Clinic, three doors up the hill from our office at 2120 Lawrence Street.  He has many years of experience.  He promises availability within a day or two.  One of our nurses worked for him and gives him a high recommendation.

Jefferson Healthcare

If you are on Medicare, establishing care at Jefferson Healthcare will optimize your treatment should you have an emergency.  Please plan ahead.


Thank You!

…for providing the soul of this medical clinic.  You have supported this clinic with your hard-earned money, time, trust, and heartful efforts to maintain and improve your health.

Douwe and Jill Rienstra, Bonnie Corra, Me’l Christianson, I-Kwoan Harrison, and all previous staff members

Open Hours

We are closed for sabbatical until some time in 2024.

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