Telephone Consultations

Thanks Dr. Rienstra for the phone consultation today about my bone fracture and upcoming surgery. Your words "you might need this surgery, but you don't need it tomorrow morning" were positively liberating. Right after talking to you, I called to cancel the surgery and then talked to the orthopedist.

He confirmed that yes, fractures like this could indeed heal on their own. Yes, the pin would stabilize the joint, but was not crucial to a good mend. Yes, no pain means the bone is fine and probably knitting away. I made an appointment to get another xray and consult in 1 month to make sure it is healing. I promised to call him instantly if it started to hurt.

So I will lie around and read, soak in epsom salt baths, and move around with crutches and let nature do its beautiful work.

I was so relieved, I burst into tears.

Thanks again. You rock.

Marian R

Port Townsend

This resembles a clinic visit, but happens over the phone and typically takes less time. Telephone consultations need to be scheduled in advance.

Common situations for phone consults are acute illness if you cannot get into the office, you reside out of the area, laboratory follow ups, to refill or adjust medications, to follow-up on an existing problem you saw us for recently.

If you wish to bill your insurance, an office visit is better because insurance may not pay for a phone consult.

There is no charge if you are calling at Dr Rienstra's request or for clarification of instructions given at a recent visit. 

After Hours Telephone Consultation

On evenings, nights and weekends, telephone Doctor Rienstra at home, 385-0151, if you have an urgent need. Leave a message on the telephone. If he does not return your call promptly, he is not available, and you need to take other action as appropriate. If he is available, he will see you at the office, ask you to go to the emergency department, give advice over the telephone, or make a house call.