Diagnostic Evaluation

Are you having difficulty finding relief from your symptoms? 

Do you wonder if there might be better treatment options?

When you’re not getting the help you need, or if you are experiencing unusual or complex medical symptoms that seem to escape solution, come to us for an in-depth evaluation. Dr Rienstra is a medical detective.  He takes the time necessary to listen, to question, to examine, to explain his findings thoroughly, and to formulate solutions.

When you and Dr Rienstra collaborate on your treatment plan, he’ll offer you choices from the best of pharmaceutical and alternative treatments.

Whether you need a 2nd opinion or are starting with a clean slate, the Rienstra Clinic can provide the time, effort, and resources you need to get to feeling better.

How it works:

  1. Contact our office receptionist.  She will help you have all of your medical records sent to our clinic. 
  2. It’s not necessary, but you can save time and money by sending us your own summary of the medical problems you need solved.
  3. Dr Rienstra will briefly review all this so we can be sure we have everything on hand for an effective consultation. (If he thinks there is no chance that he can help you, our receptionist will let you know and will mail all your medical records to you.)
  4. Our receptionist will then call you and arrange for an appointment. 

Why wait?

You have more to do in life than worry about your health, and you have responsibilities that require as much energy as you can give.  Please give us a call at 360-385-5658 or send an email for practical and effective solutions to your medical concerns.

The fine print: