Clinic Visits and Consultations

This is intended to be a guideline for what you can expect given the type of visit you are scheduling. Ultimately, though, the time your visit with the doctor takes really depends on the issues addressed.

New Patient Office Visit

Fifteen to twenty minutes for a new or acute problem.

New Patient Consultation

People with several problems may need up to an hour to allow Dr Rienstra to learn what is going on in detail, and for him to form an initial idea of what may be behind the symptoms.  Frequently such patients have consulted one or more other physicians, and often require several visits to obtain maximum benefit.

Established Patient Office Visit

Fifteen to twenty minutes for a new or acute problem.

Established Patient Consultation

This is a longer office visit to consider several problems at once or go into detail about a particularly difficult or long-standing problem.

Annual Physical Appointments

Appointments for annual physical exams take 1 hour.

Urgent-Care Appointments

We reserve time in our schedule for urgent-care appointments. Please know that we do our best to accommodate urgent care needs. If we are unable to accommodate an urgent care appointment, we may be available for after hours care (see below).

After Hours Care

On evenings, nights and weekends, telephone Doctor Rienstra at home (385-1375) if you have an urgent need. Leave a message on the telephone. If he does not return your call promptly, he is not available, and you need to take other action as appropriate. If he is available, he will see you at the office, ask you to go to the emergency department, give advice over the telephone, or make a house call.