Commercial Driver's License Examinations

Your license to operate a commercial motor vehicle requires periodic physical examinations from a physician who meets the standards of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

If you have previously had a commercial driver’s license examination, you’ll find the new examination a bit more comprehensive but not radically different.

Most of the time, we can generally perform your examination within a couple of days of your call. Assuming you meet the Federal guidelines, you will receive a written certificate on the day of the examination, in most cases valid for two years.

Please come for your examination several weeks before your license expires so you have time to correct high blood pressure or any health issues that may delay renewal. 

Please Bring to Your Examination

Federal Requirements


Hazards Associated with Commercial Motor Vehicle Operation

Dr. Rienstra (and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) understands that there are many stresses unique to commercial motor vehicle drivers. These can include

This is why we recommend our drivers maintain positive health habits even while away from home to prevent weight gain, deconditioning, and all the health problems that come with it. Your career as a commercial motor vehicle driver depends upon your protection of your health.

We want you to be able to continue driving and do so safely!