What We Do

"I cannot overstate my gratitude to Dr. Rienstra for being instrumental in saving my life a few years ago. Although the blood test for cancer was negative, Dr Rienstra did his usual careful annual physical exam. When he finished, he surprised me by saying "I don't think that PSA test is correct.  You need to see the surgeon for confirmation of my physical findings."  The surgeon verified Dr Rienstra's concerns; now I'm well.

I completely appreciate Dr. Rienstra's intuitive, comprehensive and unequaled fostering of my well-being over the years... Here's my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rienstra for sculpting the Monroe Street Medical Clinic!"

Vern Garrison

The Rienstra Clinic is able to serve patients with a variety of needs. This includes primary care, urgent care, diagnostic services, consultations, lab test processing, and more. Because we are an independent clinic, in many ways you have more say over the ways in which you access care than you might in a non-independent facility.

We are pleased to work with you in support of your health in whichever way you find appropriate. Please explore this section for information on the types of services we offer, as well as the variety of ways we offer them.

Because our existing patients usually improve or get well, we always have room for new people. Please click here for details.