Services and Fees

This is a listing of our more popular services.

Fast-Track and Self-Care Services

Urinary tract infection $88 Fast-track treatment for simple bladder infection in women
Strep throat/sore throat $85 Fast-track treatment for uncomplicated sore throat
Body composition analysis Free Electrical impedance measurement includes total weight (up to a 600 pound limit), your lean body weight, total body fat mass and percentage.
Travel kit $86 Travel advice includes brief visit with physician, prescriptions for malaria, Dr Rienstra's six-page briefing to prevent and abort illness during travel, including prescriptions for any required medications
Seasickness kit $78 Information and prescriptions
Home Remedy Advice (patients only) Free Information on home remedies for common conditions
Laboratory tests self-ordered $25 Plus lab charge - see below for details
Email Service $39 See the email service page for details

Laboratory Service

Self-Ordered Laboratory Tests

We offer laboratory testing without a physician order or visit.

Physical Examinations

General Services

House Calls

We offer housecalls if physician schedule allows. Minimum fee is $186 plus out of town travel plus time on task.

Office Visits and Consultations

Regular Office Visit (Established Patient)

Fifteen minutes - $90
Half an hour- $180.

Consultation (Established Patient)

This is a longer office visit to consider several problems at once or go into detail about a particularly difficult or long-standing problem. These are pro-rated depending the length of time. Half hour rate is $160, pro-rated if more time required.

Urgent-Care Appointments

We save time in our schedule for urgent-care appointments. However, there is a $50 surcharge for any appointment, emergent or otherwise, scheduled after all urgent-care appointments are filled.

After Hours and Urgent Care

The “after-hours” surcharge after 5 p.m. weekdays, or on weekends and holidays is $100. From 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. it is $150.

Lacerations - General range is $300 and up depending on severity. This includes diagnostic evaluation, local anesthesia, sterile supplies, repair of the wound, suture removal. Does not include tetanus toxoid or medications, if required.

Prescription Medications

SMZ-TMP (10 tablets) $12.80
Penicillin V Potassium 500 mg (20 tablets) $13.50
SSKI $21
Naproxen 500 mg (20 tablets) 13.50

Please note that your insurance company may not cover prescription medications purchased at our office. If you have coverage for medications you may wish to purchase them at a pharmacy.

Nutritional Dispensary

We have a selection of the best nutritional supplements. Patients receive 10% discount on all supplements. We give you an additional 15% discount on any purchase that totals $100 or more, 20% off $200, 25% off $300, 30% off $400. We return your purchase price if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Prices and services as of June 1, 2011 and subject to revision.