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Hello and many thanks for the recommendation of Bos Welya Plus on your newsletter. When it made an impact on my hand/finger joint pain, it was suddenly and significantly effective.

Not only has it alleviated morning soreness in the joints, but it also has a significant impact on pain reduction following exertion or physical labor - where in the past I could count on pain after yard work, now it's either non existent or so greatly reduced that I don't even notice it. In fact, not noticing pain is the biggest impact of taking this med.


Thanks again,

John W. Bickley, Port Townsend

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My patients are a fair sample of the community. They appreciate that conventional medicine can produce miracles with some regularity. However, they recognize that physicians usually aren't aware of the full range of treatments available, especially when those treatments aren't pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. And they realize that alternative medicine hasn't all the answers either. They want:

Dr. Rienstra commits to assist you in all of these points while participating in your healthcare with you, to determine which solutions are right for you.