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Dr. Rienstra,

I am so impressed with the level of research you must go through to provide the monthly newsletters Medicine-for-People. It is obvious you have a passion to provide medical information to the general public for which no strings are attached. How refreshing is this!

In this day, we are marketed beyond belief. We read and watch only to find that the underlying reason for most information is to sell something. Sometimes I feel we are in the Twilight Zone, with only a few left who can give us information that we need to prevent illness and lead a better quality life. This is not to say that doctors and those in the medical field are trying to take that away from us. I think they are in a survival mode as regulation, insurance and drug companies squeeze every bit of common sense out of them.

What you are offering via these newsletters is a service, and your expertise, experience and willingness to spend huge amounts of time in ongoing research should be compensated. I would be the first paying subscriber.

Thanks again and again,

Judy Peterson
Port Hadlock, WA


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February 2020: The Common Cold - 2020 Update

March 2020: COVID-19


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December 2017: Those Who Give


January 2016: Religion and Health

February 2016: Sudden Cardiac Death

March 2016: Sharing Our Humanity

April 2016: Climate Change and Health - Win/Win

May 2016: Cows and Coal

June 2016: Memorial Day

July 2016: Future Shock

August 2016: Radiation Danger: The Surprising Truth

September 2016: Climate Wedges

October 2016: Nuclear Disasters

November 2016: Red Neighbor, Blue Neighbor

December 2016: Season of Renewal

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Frequently our patients tell us "I don't know what to believe about how to maintain health. First, the media says one thing, then the opposite." That is certainly true in these days of sound bites and five second experts. If you really want to know the facts, subscribe to "Medicine for People!" We give you the facts behind the healthscare (that's the correct spelling) headlines.

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