Minimizing Health Care Costs

We Want You To Be In Control Of Your Health Costs

Here are Several Tips to Help You Control Your Costs

Save on Pharmaceuticals

For those who pay 100% of their own pharmaceutical costs, Costco is dramatically less expensive (as of this date) than any other pharmacy of which I am aware. You might also compare prices at at 888.932.4779 or SaveNow Discount Pharmacy at 425 640-3880.

Bring More, Take More Home

With anything, the more you bring with you, the more you will take home with you.  Follow the tips above to help us serve you better.  Between visits, remember there is nothing we can do for you.  As as soon as you leave the office you are your own doctor and dependent only on yourself to live a healthy lifestyle and use the methods we give you to improve your health.  To squeeze the most benefit from your health care dollar, follow our advice carefully.  See what works for you. On your next visit, report on your experience.  This is important information that we both can use in learning more about your particular physiology and your particular life, and helps us work out what is going to work best for you.

Remember that rather than run through a set routine with each patient, we tailor what we do to your individual needs. The harder you work the more you can help us understand those needs, and the better we can meet them at the least cost to you.