Medical Care Costs

By Knowing How to Care for Yourself, You Can Reduce Your Medical Costs

Long-term versus short-term costs

Which would you rather pay, $120 for an office visit with some effective advice on how to get started solving the problem, and nothing for laboratory and x-ray? Or would you rather pay $64 for the office visit, $60 for x-ray, $100 for laboratory fees, and be left wondering what to do about that arthritis? In our office your total medical bill is what we want to keep to a minimum. Sometimes this may take more effort from us and more up-front costs for you. In our office, what you see is what you get. We don't lure you in with a low office call fee and then make our profit on laboratory and x-ray. Our income comes from doing the best we know how to keep your long-term medical costs low.

Consider this. If you have high blood pressure and are treated with a drug, you are going to spend hundreds of dollars a year over a period of years for this treatment. Costs for a drug to lower cholesterol can run over a thousand dollars a year. In our practice we make every effort to minimize the use of drugs, to use the least expensive preparations possible, and to teach you to take care of yourself so that these long-term expenses are not necessary. Is this more work for us? Yes. Is it worth it for you? You decide.

Helping you become self-reliant

Why come to us? We avoid the "revolving door" concept of medical office practice. We spend time with you. We answer any questions you may have regarding risks and benefits of the diagnostic measures or the treatments involved or the risks of not doing anything. We are absolute masters of teaching you to take care of yourself. We have a large library and database of medical information to help us find the best treatment for you. We want to help you get well so that you can feel good and don't need to come back to see us. In the unusual circumstance that we can't help you, we work to find someone who can.

Why does medical care cost so much? We believe it costs so much because often the treatments don't work and the person's disease, instead of being cured, is "managed" with medications costing hundreds of dollars per year and sometimes causing problems themselves.

Modern technological medicine has its share of miracles. We steer you to those that you'll benefit from and help you use them in conjunction with the best of self care. If there is a non-pharmaceutical solution to your problem, we'll help you make it work.

We help you with home remedy information for some common problems. We work to keep your costs low. When you have a serious problem and require more help, we can provide that, too. We work to stay current in several different schools of medicine. We use five different laboratories for diagnostic work. We obtain medications and pharmaceutical products from many different vendors and some of these are custom compounds. My conviction is that in the future, all physicians will use the best methods from all the different schools of medicine that we have today.

Secret to good health

We believe that optimal health is the result of being happy in life and living a fulfilling life in accord with the laws of nature and the Creator. This should be the goal of any health care system.