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We Must Change

Our July 2016 newsletter pointed out that we are living through a dangerous time for our human family. Our psychological selves must evolve and quickly to prevent environmental catastrophe.

Jul 21, 2016
Posted by: Douwe Rienstra, MD

One contemporary example of how our views must evolve involves race.  Reader Christopher John writes to elaborate on how racism originates and thrives.


"Douwe, Thanks once again just for being..

Two years ago I became quite depressed over this this issue of race and I decided I had to understand why this foolishness still is alive and why it start..  Today I have a much better understanding about the whole subject.. Howard Zinn's book, A People's History of the United States, help quite a lot.. It showed me how the plantation owners were greatly out numbered by their slaves and the owners lived in constant fear of up risings... As time went on and the whites population grew and as a results the poor whites began working along side of the slaves and became quite friendly with one another... The plantation owners seeing this became concerned because now they feared that the whites and blacks, out numbered them 50 to 1.. So they decided to give the poor whites a few acres of poor land and the rights to own slaves too.. However the whites still enjoyed the company of their slaves so much that the plantation owners told the new white land owners that they must not be friendly with their slave but that it was better to treat them harshly and those who didn't would loose their land...So began this cycle that lives on today, though today's racist no not why they hate, not really as they still have a fear but no not why..

I believe that our schools teach racism through their white history classes.. Its being taught and kept alive with misinformation..  All history books, coast to coast, should be recycled into toilet paper and replaced with the true and honest history of the world, including how this country was built and what the constitution has to do with slavery... it should include the world history of slavery as well.. It should include the truth about the Moor's.. It should include all the invention and contributions made by Africans.. Now that it's known that humans originated in Africa, all history books in public schools need to be brought up to speed and done so with only truth..No state can opt out or ALL federal funds should be cut off.. Racism begins at the breakfast tables across this land.. It lives on through misinformation and fear..

This is no small topic for sure but I know we as a people can evolve to a higher understanding of truth and understanding..I didn't and don't forget about the Americans who live on this land before white people, I just thought I shouldn't sent you a whole book.. 

Keep up your never ending teaching and healing Douwe, we all could use a lot more of your kind..

Christopher John"


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